Thread 7” (yet to be released)


Close the blinds so no one can see the way you touch me. You taught me to hide away my scars. The only proof of my healing body. I sat and thought about all the days that I didn’t think about you. My tears served as a bittersweet reminder of all i’ve faced and all I’ve conquered so far.

I Went To Sunnydale and All I Got Was This Lousy Immortality

Who keeps hiring bad actors to play God? Someone misread a line and by the end of the day the set had been dismantled and they’d taken you away. You’ve spent your whole life preparing for death. It’s all you’ve got left. As you sail away we’ll think of what we’ve lost.

Death By Kissadventure

Dim lights and two half empty cups of tea. You smiled and said you still didn’t understand me. With my thoughts went my voice and eloquence became an old friend of mine. So ask me again why I’m quiet all the time. Fine.


“I’m fine” is the go to response permanently sewn upon my lips. The thread is fraying. “Ignore me. I don’t know what I”m saying…”. Pass me something sharp so I can cut all my ties before I cut my throat. I won’t disappoint you anymore. I hate all my friends but they hate me more. And breathing has begun to feel like a chore. I’ve tried but but nothing seems enough. My brain won’t stop working but my body won’t start. Another bright day wasted in the dark.

Sick Day

Tell me that when you leave I’ll be fine. Out of touch. Out of sight. Not out of mind. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but mostly it means I’ll be depressed for longer. You light a flame that warms me up yet makes me cold. Can’t use the phone. I bet you’ve grown. You’re not alone.

Dividers / Ten Speed Bicycle Split

If You Like Turtles So Much Why Are You Dressed As A Zombie?

I see the writing on the wall. The laughs resonate through the school yards from jokes that should of grown old long ago. Because I thought we were past all of this long ago. I feel so helpless when I see you all alone. Worn down, no acceptance, their lack of moral guidance. I feel a little bit lost inside everytime I hear them say “It’s just not right”.

Some people are gay get over it.

Aw Man, I Don’t Know What I Did With My Dracula Bow Tie

What do you think of when when you think of me? How stupid I am or how I stutter when I speak? Well I think you’re pretty cool and I really hope I don’t ruin it all. Shaking at the sight of unfamiliar faces. Early morning scope of unfamiliar places. Purposely undoing my laces just so I have something else to do. What do you think of when you think of me? And how I bring books to parties, get overwhelmed and flee. Well I think you’re pretty cool and I really hope I don’t ruin it all. My closest friends speak in acronyms, can’t scare them away because they’re not really there. We bond over nonsense. pop culture and things. I can’t tell if they’re laughing as I outline my despair. is easier

Spoon Hero

In my dreams I’m always someone else. In my dreams I’m exactly the same as you. Words overdue like library books beneath my bed. The thought of losing you fills me with dread. I can’t be who you want me to be. Constantly plagued by my inconsistency. But all I want to do is sit in silence with you.


All Time (Rob) Low

You laugh and think that I am joking when I say that if you die before me I’ll wear pyjamas to your funeral. Then buy the plot of land right next to your grave like the title of track five on Plans. Don’t mean to come off so cheesy but I can’t help the way I feel. And without you in it my life has no appeal. Hate to think of who I’d be if you had never spoken to me. Do you remember when I pretended to like NOFX just so you’d like me more? And all the times we stayed up and talked of girls who don’t deserve you? You carried the box of my records when I left home.

Best friends means I pull the trigger…

Demo ‘10

Mike is a Bastard

Tonight I won’t sleep a wink because when you sleep you grow up and I don’t wanna grow up yet. It’s not how it used to be. Can’t see eye to eye in me and it’s no secret I’m still unsure of everything. And I see dreams that live in the hearts of the young and as you grow up they die one by one. And I wish a was a Wolverine. Cause then life wouldn’t be the same routine. As you live you grow so let’s break down the boxes. Cause life is huge and life’s what you make it. So let’s follow our dreams and let them take flight. It’s just not the same.

Young till I die

The One Where Ross is Fine

Adulturous bastarding father. You sit on a throne of pain and control. As a lover and a Father you’ve forgotten your role. You’re still running your household with a sexist bind. It’s slavery. You get your kicks from use and control. Wear females down till they drop and roll. It’s slavery in this fucking household. I hope you’re left with nothing. And no I’m not fucking bluffing when I say I hate men like you.

"The power of patriarchy has been to make maleness feared and to make men feel that it is better to be feared than to be loved. Whether they can confess this or not, men know that just is not true."- bell hooks